2017 Latest Prom Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

It’s obvious that the hairstyles we choose for prom nights and special occasions differ from our casual styles. Some are even hairstyles that we wear once in our lives. They are festive, luxurious and posh. However not every woman has the chance to look different when it comes to short haircuts. If you have short hair and are in a search of a good  hairstyle idea for your short bob or pixie haircut, then have a look at this guide to the latest prom hairstyles for short hair for 2017.short prom hairstyles 2017Short Curly Bob Hairstyle

Taylor Swift is known with her luscious sun-kissed blonde curls, which she often straightens to look classy. On the other side, she likes to rock her natural hairstyle for special events. In spite of the fact that lately she goes with flat ironed short bob haircuts but we can’t forget her cute curly bob which has the desired festive touch in it. Paired with side swept bangs, soft makeup and stylish accessories she has created a girlish and seductive appearance.   short curly bob hairstyle 2017Marilyn Monroe Inspired Bob Hairstyle

If you are looking for a retro touch and the Marilyn Monroe inspiration for your bob haircut then consider Christina Aguilera’s curly bob hairstyle. This hairstyle is experimented by many celebrities but Christina Aguilera has just perfected it. The chosen platinum blonde hair color and red lips remind of the ideal image of Marilyn Monroe. The hairstyle itself is more than festive and delightful.

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