2017 Mohawk Hairstyles for Women

If you are tired of the same dull haircut or hairstyle and would like to try something new, then there is a great hairstyle trend for you to try. It’s the astounding Mohawk hairstyle for 2017. You have seen many famous women, celebrities and models rocking this edgy hairstyle on their short pixie cuts. Mohawks also called faux hawks are one of the most popular hairstyles for pixie cuts. You can style it differently according to your personal taste, hair texture and cut. We meet stunning spiky Mohawks, curly faux hawks and cute wavy Mohawk hairstyles in the fashion world. mohawk hairstyles 2017Those who don’t have short cuts but still want to feel the charm of Mohawk hairstyles on their locks there is a special style achieved by braiding techniques. This proves that Mohawk is real creativity and versatility of hairstyles. It allows you to leave your comfort zone and experiment with huge transformations and looks. You can even play with bold hair colors and edgy highlights, which will enhance the uniqueness of your hairstyle.Curly Mohawk Hairstylesrihanna curly mohawk 2017Many curly-haired celebrities including Rihanna had been great fans of Mohawk hairstyles. Actually, this is a cool style that doesn’t ask hair texture, that’s why anyone with curly hair can get lovely Mohawk hairstyles. Moreover, curls help to keep the feminine touch on pixie cuts. Shaved tapered sides give the opportunity to bring out the voluminous curls on the top part. You can style this hairstyle with curl-enhancing products.curly mohawk hairstyle idea 2017

curly mohawk hairstyle 2017Spiky Mohawk Hairstylespiky mohawk hairstyle women 2017Many love the super chic and classic spiky Mohawk hairstyles. They are ideal for straight and thick hair and tend to grab attention. Hairstylists consider it as a cool 70’s inspired hairstyle with so much charm and attractiveness. In order to style it right you may need to use special strong-hold hair products. You can wear it even for casual days.  spiky mohawk hairstyle idea 2017

spiky mohawk hairstyle women for 2017Braided Mohawk Hairstylesbraided mohawk hairstyle idea 2017The next style is an exception in the fashion world. Few are cases when stylists create fake hairstyles with braids. One of them is the popular braided Mohawk. It is considered a festive hairstyle and is quite common among black women, stylish medium to long-haired celebrities and models. You can see this style quite often during the posh red carpet events as well as on the runway.braided mohawk hairstyle idea for 2017

braided mohawk hairstyle 2017Afro-Hawk HairstylesAfro-Hawk Hairstyle 2017When we say Afro-hawk we generally mean these luxurious natural hairstyles which have become fashionable these days. 2017 is going to be the year of natural hairstyles. So, prepare your frizzy locks for trendy Mohawk hairstyles. All you need is a handful of bobby pins which help to gather hair on the sides and to create the shape of the Mohawk.Afro-Hawk Hairstyle idea 2017

Woman in profile with faux-hawk

Woman in profile with faux-hawk

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