2017 Pastel Colored Short Hairstyles from Hollywood

When pastel knocked the doors of the fashion world, everyone realized that it’s going to be the most dominant style bot only in our wardrobes but also in our hair styling ideas. Statistics and researches show that the light and ethereal pastel shades are the most favorite ones of Hollywood stars. There are brave celebrities who experiment with many shades of pastel and achieve eye-catching, delightful and inspiring hairstyles. Find your source of inspiration from the best short pastel hairstyles for 2017.  short pastel colored hairstyles 2017Kelly Osbourne Short Lavender Pixie Hairstyle

Lavender is Kelly Osbourne’s most favorite hair color. She has worn it not only on her long hairstyles but also on short pixie cuts. She knows that this shade is able to soften any haircut and hairstyle, that’s why she has combined it with her shaved undercut pixie. Now none can say that this is a boyish haircut. It’s quite girlish in its cute waves and exquisite hair color. If you feel as if your current hair color is too harsh for your pixie cut then go ahead with a lilac or lavender hue. You will love your new a fresh hair color. Kelly Osbourne lavander pixie hairstyle 2017 Rita Ora Pink Bob Hairstyle

In spite of the fact that Rita Ora has dark skin tone, she often experiments with light hair colors including even pastel shades. The pale pink helps her to draw attention to her dark complexion and dark eyes. It creates a cool contrast between light and dark tones. Rita looks tender enough in this hue.    Rita Ora short pastel bob 2017Nicole Richie Short Pixie in Pink

Besides cutting her hair off into a short and edgy pixie haircut Nicole Richie has also colored it in a pink shade. It goes well with her complexion and makes her harsh pixie haircut feminine and attractive. Compared with waves and curls straight hair tends to look more boyish and rude. That’s why celebrities wear cute shades to soften it. Not a bad trick.Nicole Richie pastel pink pixie 2017Katy Perry Peach Bob Hairstyle

She is so lovely in her pastel hair colors but the most delightful shade of pastel she has worn so far is the warm peach. Katy Perry shines in her short straight bob hairstyle and sine she is a natural brunette the light and warm hue of pastel looks harmonious with her skin tone and light eyes.Katy Perry pastel peach bob 2017Julianne Hough Pastel Pink Bob Hairstyle

Julianne Hough generally experiments with light blonde hair colors, which enhance her incredible beauty. However, this time we see her in a glamorous pink bob hairstyle. This pastel shade is the right chosen hue for her hair color, skin tone and light eyes. She inspires many young women who like to go for regular touch ups and soft changes.julianne hough pastel bob hair 2017