2017 Slicked Back Hairstyle Trend for Short Cuts

All runway and red carpet looks inspire us with the trendy slicked back style stolen from men’s fashion. Women know how to soften boyish hairstyles and make them not only feminine but also embrace their stunning look. Here are the latest short slicked back hairstyles for 2017 that look so fresh, classic and sometimes even festive. You can use the slicked back technique for your short bob or pixie haircut whenever and wherever you like.short slicked back hairstyles 2017Short Slicked Back Bob Hairstyle

Many remember Leighton Meester’s long hair and love to copy her most delightful hairstyles. However today she rocks a short bob which perfectly flatters her face shape and makes it more seductive. This haircut is classic in its monotone brown shade and the matching slicked back style. You can copy it for the coming official meeting.Leighton Meester slicked back bob hair 2017How to Style: First, go for a short and fresh bob haircut if you seek for a trendy style. Then take hair styling oils, sprays and creams considering your hair type and texture. apply hair cream and use a flat iron to bring hair to a possible sleek and straight look. Then spray hair sprays or rub hair oils and comb all backwards.

Short Slicked Back Pixie Hairstyle

Another slicked back hairstyle idea for the big fans of straight and elegant hairstyles is Coco Rocha pixie hair. This amazingly posh hairdo is now on the top lists of trendy hairstyles inspired by the majority of short-haired celebrities. It is an easy to do and eye-catching style.Coco Rocha slicked back pixie hairstyle 2017How to Style: Start with damp hair. Blow dry it and go for flat ironing. Apply hair cream and high-shine oils and comb all backwards. Use strong hold hair sprays if necessary to keep control over fly away strands.

Short Asymmetrical Slicked Back Hairstyle

The next style is rather casual than festive but it looks unique in its asymmetrical structure. Both short bob and pixie haircuts are possible to turn into asymmetrical cuts and style into edgy slicked back hairstyles like Rita Ora does.short slicked back asymmetrical hair 2017How to Style: Go for a short asymmetrical haircut and highlight its structure with two-tone shades. Apply hair protective cream and achieve loose shaggy waves with curling iron or use hair gels and your fingers for the same result. After this, you can create the shaggy and side swept effect by hair oils and sprays.

Short Slicked Back Elegant Hairstyle

Do you want a festive and more ye-catching slicked back hairstyle for your short locks? What about this voluminous hairdo? It’s a cool option to match with subtle makeups as well as with glamorous dresses.slicked back hairstyel for short hair 2017How to Style: Blow dry your damp hair to a possible voluminous level. Tease if you have thin locks and fix it with hair spray. Then apply a little amount of hair cream on the top and sides and brush gently backwards.

Wavy Slicked Back Pixie Hairstyle

Those who like wavy hairstyles and want to combine it with neat styles here is the wavy slicked back pixie hairstyle. You can wear it for prom nights and weddings keeping the shade fresh, trendy shiny and feminine. Being a natural brunette Annie has pulled of blonde shade special for her pixie haircut.short wavy slicked back hair 2017How to Style: Achieve loose waves on your hair and spray hair spray. Use your fingers to bring them to one side and then apply a little amount of hair cream to make it easier for a slicked back effect. Comb the sides and finish with spray.