2017 Ultra-Short Hairstyles for Afro-American Women

We have always imagined Afro-American women with lots of thick hair but today we will see that they look equally good with ultra short strands. These short haircuts are being given some detail with the help of hair colors and razor patterns. The look of your headdress is based on your preferences and on how far you are ready to go with your haircut. If you are thinking out of the box then you will definitely find something stylish among these amazing looks. Check out these 2017 ultra-short haircuts for Afro-American women and get inspired from.2017 Short Hairstyles for Afro American WomenCurled and Curved Short Haircut

Fierce and bold- these are the main words to describe this amazing haircut. It is too far from being boring. The colorful asymmetrical patterns have been added to bring out the best of the design. If you opt for this style it means you are ready to introduce some other bold elements to the look too- consider razor patterns. To recreate this look, you will need to find a skilful hairstylist.Curled and Curved Short HaircutOmbred Quiff

This is another short hairstyle for women who like to keep the strands neat and clean. The short strands have been styled in an interesting way to make it stand out from the others. There is a clean shaven line that will give a bold touch to your headdress. When it comes to the color, you can choose your favorite tone, but this one entails creating a brown ombre pattern.Ombred QuiffCaramel Curls on Top

Ringlets and curls make the most popular hairstyles for Afro-American women since most of them are blessed with kinky texture. This particular style features short sides and a bit longer top that has been styled in twists. Don’t be afraid to show off your natural texture since it gives some detail to your short headdress. Consider the color as well because it may radically change your look.Caramel Curls on TopPlatinum Afro

Here is another ultra-short hairstyle that looks better in platinum blonde shade. It is a more feminine rather than bold look. This amazing hairstyle will accentuate your bone structure and bring out the beauty of your eyes. If you have natural curls, you don’t have to do anything else rather than showing your texture.Platinum AfroNatural Short Hairstyle

You can keep it simple like this design and still have a stunning appearance. Embrace your uncolored and ultra-curled ringlets that compliment the shape of your head and emphasize you features and bone structure. It is an amazing style that works for Afro-American women with perfect facial features.Natural Short Hairstyle

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