2017/2018 Popular Wedding Hairstyle Trends for Natural Texture

Not many hairstylists will offer you to wear your natural hair on your big day, but you can’t deny that your natural texture will make you stand out in the crowd. Whether you have a thick afro mane or just natural curls, choose to embrace them- even on your wedding. Walking down the aisle with natural hair will give you unforgettable memories. Here we have selected 2017/2018 popular wedding hairstyle trends for natural texture. If you are one of those ladies that blessed with natural texture, check out these pictures.natural hairstylesUpdo for Natural Hair

You are going to love the versatility that this updo offers. Secure your natural texture in an updo style and leave some strands out of the bun to achieve a fantastic look like this. These strands create a fringe-like look that is also great to frame the model’s face. In order to make your wedding hair look complete, finish it with a lovely white flower- just like this one.Short Curly Hair

If you are a black beauty with a rich afro mane, this wedding headdress is for you. It is a fun look that is totally effortless. This headdress doesn’t require finding a professional hairstylist to create the style. If you are blessed with this texture, simply apply a jeweled headband, and leave some fringe out of the bun. Easy, stylish and gorgeous.

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