5 Best Wet-Look Hairstyles for 2017

Though wet-look is not a new thing in the fashion industry, but this style is evolved day by day. We see more options of wet-look hairstyles for 2017 shown during the latest runway shows. The 5 best wet-look hairstyles that seem to be the most requested styles on the catwalk and red carpet. If you like cozy and attractive hairstyles which draw attention on your killer facial features check out this list of cool hairdos and learn the way you need to style them by.wet look hairstyles 2017Slicked Back Wet-Look Hairstyle

The trendiest wet-look hairdo is the slicked back as it is worn on any length of hair. You can easily achieve it on straight and slightly wavy hair especially when it’s dirty. So, now you have something to do with your greasy locks when you don’t have enough time to rinse it.wet-look slicked back hairstyle 2017How to Style: Any wet look hairstyle requires special stylish products such as gels, strong-hold sprays, creams and pomades. Each opts for the products that go well with his/her hair style. So, choose the one that best works with your hair texture and start styling. Fist apply them on your hair focusing on the top part and roots. Then comb gently backwards and spray hair spray to fix any flyaway strands if there are some.

Wet-Look Updo Hairstyle

If you are fond of classic and tight updo hairstyles then this trendy hairdo is perfect for you. It’s a glamorous and lovely French twist updo with the slicked back effect on.wet-look updo hairstyle 2017How to Style: Start with damp hair. Apply hair products and comb gently from the rots to the tips. Then take a brush and brushing all gather on the back part. Twist and create a common tight French twist updo keeping the sides and the top as sleek and smooth as possible. Secure with bobby pins.

Wet-Look Wavy Hairstyle

As I have already mentioned above wet-look hairstyles are also possible to style into wavy hairstyles. you can get loose and soft waves on your medium or long hair ad combine it with the desired wet-look effect.wet-look wavy hairstyle runway 2016How to Style: It’s better to start with dry hair. Apply hair cream or oils on the top part of the hair and comb backwards. Try to achieve a smooth and sleek effect by brushing. After this you can pass on to the waves. Use a curling tool to get the loose waves section by section. Once the curls are cooler you should run your fingers through them to get loose waves. Finish with a stylish headband if you have decided to choose this hairdo for the coming party.

High Wet-Look Ponytail Hairstyle

The next hairstyle achieved with a wet-look effect is this cool high ponytail. As you see it is created on ombre hair that’s why it looks so beautiful. Recently high, tight, long and sleek ponytails are seen during many fashion shows including Balmain for 2017.wet ponytail runway 2017How to Style: Again begin styling with hair products. Apply hair protective cream and go for a sleek and straight flat iron. After this, rub hair pomade or oils and brush from the roots till the ends. Style a high and sleek ponytail and tie with a tight elastic.

Wet-Look Side Swept Hairstyle

And the final look is the following posh, trendy and fascinating style for you to try on your short, medium or long hair. However, the best effects are reflected on short haircuts.wet-look side parted hairstyle 2017How to Style: Rub hair oils all over the hair and create the hard parting with the help of a thin-toothed comb. Then brush the rest tightly and finish with hair spray. It’s an easy to do and classic hairstyle for any occasion.

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