Alexander Wang: Chic Boyish Haircuts for 2017

boyish haircut for 2017Mushroom to Mullet Haircut

Alexander Wang’s stylists showed a creative approach toward traditional mushroom and mullet haircuts. They combined these two crops to achieve something that is both irresistible and glamorous. It is a modern take on mullet and mushroom haircuts. Remember that traditional mullet is short at the front and long in the back but modern version looks a lot better with various elements.Mullet HaircutFlat Top Haircut

Sohyun Jung stole the show with her flat top crop that was meant to accentuate her beautiful facial feature and bone structure. Choosing a hairstyle for you keep in your mind that this season less is officially more. For a chic look like this you will have to chop off your strands ultra-short. Plus it is important to know whether your facial features work for this cut or not as it may bring out your flaws.Flat Top HaircutFeathered Bowl Haircut

Alexandra Wang suggests pulling off a boyish haircut that is spiced up with a feminine touch. This cut is as amazingly low-maintenance with early 90s vibes. You can achieve the same effect by layering your short strands. Just a right makeup and you will definitely rock with a cut like this.Feathered Bowl Haircut

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