Amazing Layered Hairstyles for Short Hair for 2017

Layered haircuts should be done according to one’s face features. Short hair makes it easy to understand whether the layers will work well or not. Short layered pixies look exceptionally cute on round face due to their ability to soften roundness while drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones. Asymmetrical layers are great for women with oval-shaped faces. Those who have long face shapes should consider longer layers. Anyway today we are going to represent layered hairstyles for short hair for 2017. If you have short strands then you will definitely love these ideas.Amazing Layered Hairstyle for Short Hair for 2017Voluminous Bangs with Short Layers

Ladies are truly in love with the sheen of the silver hair. The blue tints take the overall look to a top notch. Somehow it reminds us of denim blue hair trend. Anyway apart from the color, the volume in the bangs is also amazing. It is a part of a hair trend that is worth to try out. It is classically edgy already and makes the wearer’s stand out in the crowd.Voluminous Bangs with Short LayersNeon Pink Hair with Layers

Color also matters a lot since it can totally change the appearance of the cut. This pink neon shade is ridiculously gorgeous especially with it is being paired with short layered hairstyles. As you see the cut is a bit choppy at the tips that give a bit bold touch to the style. Layered hairstyles are amazing for unnatural or super bright shades. It is the best way to embrace your natural texture.

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