Badass Cornrow Hairstyles in 2017

Boxer BraidsCornrows Ponytail Hairstyle

Cornrows can be turned to any hairstyle you desire and this impressive ponytail is the best proof. It goes without saying that you can’t create these cornrows by your own but you can find a skillful hairstylist who will be able to weave them for you. Then you should pull them up and tie into a high ponytail. Those with shorter hair may opt for extensions.Cornrows Ponytail HairstyleCornrows Bun Hairstyle

To create this bun, you should use the same technique as for the previous ponytail. First, you should create tight cornrows that start right from the front of the head. Then, coil your cornrows at the back of your neck and secure into a lovely bun style. However, you can rock this headdress for any setting by your choice.Cornrows Bun HairstyleLovely Cornrows

This hairstyle has been achieved by using gray extensions. The silver-gray cornrows work perfect against dark black hair color. Well, it is a little bit bold style but it is also protective that may last several days. This casual headdress can be stolen by everyone regardless of hair length and natural texture.Lovely CornrowsPonytail with Cornrows with Hair Accessories

This ponytail got a whole new look due to the cornrows and hair beads added to the style. Creatively braided cornrows are quite tight and they work well with a high ponytail. Note that some sections have been left out of the ponytail to twist over the base of the updo. Hair beads are the best elements for cornrows.  Ponytail with Cornrows with Hair Accessories

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