Best Boxer Braids For 2017

Day by day we meet new braids that attract all braided hairstyle lovers! In spite of the name these braids may look too classic and elegant if they are fitted with a right outfit. Hair experts say that these new braids look similar to the style that we call ‘cornrows” or ‘banana braids”. Whatever their name is, these braids are great and they are currently in trend. Boxer braids may seem hard to create when you have long hair but there will always be someone who will help you to get these gorgeous braids. Follow us and find out the best boxer braids for 2017.Best Boxer Braids For 2017Boxer Braid-Fishtail

The combination of color and braid types is crucial. These two details should complete each other and create a full look. So, you need to start with regular braids and once you have reached to the tail continue with a fishtail braid. Well, you are going to have two different types of braids. To have more fun, just add color strips according to your natural hair. Females with blonde hair are welcomed to try the brightest pastel shades while brunettes should experiment with deeper and vibrant hues.

fishtail boxer braids for girls 2017

fishtail boxer braids for girls 2017

Rock Star Boxer Braids

If you are going to have a leather outfit like all those rock stars then your boxer braids also should have been created according to your outfit. We recommend keeping the braids close to your hair base. Make sure that you don’t have any flyaway hair. Below you can see a perfect example of this hairstyle.

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