Best Coachella Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

If you have never missed Coachella since high school, your favorite time of the year is already here. Apart from your Coachella outfit, you should also consider your hairstyle. Coachella is the most influential music festive where you can see lots of celebrities, beauty bloggers, trendsetters and ordinary ladies with bohemian dresses and floral crowns. However your hairstyle is going to say more about your understanding of this culture rather than any other detail.  It is the highest moment to color your locks to your favorite tone and brighten up this lovely music festival with your fun style. Welcome the biggest Coachella hairstyle ideas for 2017.Best Coachella Hairstyle Ideas for 2017Devil’s Buns

This hairstyle will let you have all the fun at the festival. Low-maintenance and eye-catching all at once, double messy buns at two sides of the head have been spiced up with glitter roots and lovely hair beads. The cascading locks are tousled for a messy yet stylish touch. You can adopt this particular headdress and combine it with a fun outfit for a Coachella look.double bunCoachella Hairstyle with Floral Crown

While saying Coachella, the first thing that comes into our mind is floral crowns. Here is another Coachella look with a lovely floral headband. Well, the style features amber rose and dusty lavender locks combined with dark shadowy roots. Strands at both sides of the head have been twisted and pinned together for a half up half down style. Then the look is finished with flowers.Coachella Hairstyle with Floral CrownBraided Pigtails

Well, festival weather is sometimes unpredictable so it is better to ensure that you will have a good look even after rain. With these pigtails braids you don’t have to worry about the weather. The pigtails are beautifully intricate and will not migrate in harsh weather conditions don’t forget to spritz a strong hold hairspray before you leave.Braided PigtailsBoho Inspired Coachella Hairstyle

Here is a boho inspired hairstyle that looks pretty cool with accessories. Well, you can copy the look by your own too. You just need to draw a perfect middle part and create some braids on both sides of the head. Use some accessories to make your braids more fun and Coachella-worthy. In this case hair highlights are only bonus.Boho Inspired Coachella HairstyleKylie Jenner Festive Hairstyle

If you choose to fully embrace the Coachella spirit, look no further that fashion influencer Kylie Jenner. Her blunt bob can be a good inspiration for ladies who are looking for a unique style. The vibrant lime yellow hair color spices up her entire bob haircut taking it to a top notch. If you are not ready for big changes, go for wigs.Kylie Jenner Festive Hairstyle

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