Best Hairstyle Ideas for Square Face Shapes

The strong square face shape is not always elegant and pleasant. So, women do their best to make it softer and more exquisite. Here hairstylists use their imagination and skills to provide their clients with the desired fascinating result. The visual changes added to face shapes can be added only with the help of the right haircuts. If you have a square face shape and want to discover the trendiest haircuts for it, then check out our collection of the best hairstyles for square faces.hairstyles for square face 2017Angled Bob Haircut

A chin-length bob haircut with face framing strands and shorter back part is the number one hairstyle for square faces. It’s the popular angled bob that looks so attractive and charming on straight, shiny and monotone colored hair. Take an example from Keira Knightley and ask your stylist for such a cool bob haircut. According to professional hairstylist Teddi Cranford from New York, instead of widening her face these face framing locks elongate it and make softer.Keira Knightley bob haircut 2017Graduated Layered Haircut

Like on the previous case here we again meet face framing strands which are able to turn your face shape into a softer-looking one. The closer your layers to your face the prettier the effect. So, opt for graduated layered haircuts in medium lengths. New York hairstylist Peter Butler says that those who have square face shapes and seek for mid-length layered haircuts should copy Claire Danes’s hairstyles. The best way to display your facial features without drawing attention to the squareness is cutting the shortest layers at the chin.Claire Danes layered haircut 2017Asymmetrical Layered Haircut

Textured waves, asymmetrical layered haircuts and messy styles are great for square face shapes. Gisele Bündchen is one of the most famous celebrities with square face and she wears asymmetrical layered haircuts on her long mane to add extra charm, more texture and attractiveness to her locks as well as to create balance between her face shape and haircut. Cranford says that no one has totally symmetric facial features and this allows us to create harmony with the help of uneven cuts. Bündchen’s stylist recommends her to go for beachy waves in order to hide the asymmetrical nature of her hair and to get that awesome girlish touch.Gisele Bündchen asymmetyrical layered haircut 2017Volumized Bob Hairstyle

The flattering illusion of the volumized bob hairstyles is another solution for harsh square face shapes. Even if you don’t want to go for a short bob haircut you can still achieve the same result by creating a fake bob style with the use of bobby pins. Rosario Dawson’s bob is an excellent example for you. She rocks it as a real short-haired lady. It suits her face very much and draws attention to her cutest features. The soft and subtle waves closer to her face provide with the so wanted tender effect.Rosario Dawson bob hairstyle 2017Side Swept Bangs Hairstyle

As for bangs, you should avoid blunt fringe styles as they accentuate square faces. Instead, you can go for eye-skimming side swept bangs like Olivia Wilde. She combines these bangs with her long layered hair and keeps all eyes on her shiny eyes. Women with long hair can follow Olivia’s new hairstyles as she always chooses the most suitable styles for her hair and face shape.Olivia Wilde side swept bangs 2017