Black Men Haircut Ideas for 2017

You might be struggling against the frizz and mess on your hair but believe in me there are astounding hairstyle ideas for black men for 2017. If you always ask your stylist for the same haircut it’s the high time to change it with a modern touch and more fashionable twist. Whether you like short or a bit textured hairstyle here are the latest trends special for my posh black men.  black men hairstyles 2017Buzz Haircut for Black Men

Let’s start from the shortest and coziest haircut that men prefer to wear all over the world. You can wear this haircut for any occasion, as it is a neat, classic and very masculine. Those who are tired of their thick and messy hair may get rid of it with this simple step. Many like to pair it with beards to look cooler and manlier. Buzz cut is a low-maintenance hairstyle and it never takes much time for styling. It allows you to bring out your killer facial features.Buzz Haircut for Black Men 2017Box Fade Haircut for Black Men

The golden era of hip hop is reminded by the trendy box fade haircut which is basically worn by black men. It brings a kind of nostalgia and inspired many black celebrities and sportsmen. Box fade is the style that combines taper fade sides with short length in a sharply-defined rectangular top. Usually hair is 3-5 cm on top part but the final look mostly depends on your hair texture and type. If you seek for a less dramatic look, you can go ahead with shorter gradual taper on the sides and with tight top.

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