Catwalk Braided Hairstyle Trends for 2016/2017

Braided hairstyles always undergo changes by the time and are offered with new solutions and more creative styles. If you want to unlock this interesting world then keep on reading because below we have collected the latest catwalk braided hairstyles for 2016/2017. You will get your ultimate runway hairstyle inspiration, which will allow you to use more fascinating styles that in the future. We always keep up with the fashion and would recommend you to do the same.braided hairstyles 2016 2017Wavy Hairstyle with Baby Braids

We call them cute baby braids as they are meant to beautify long wavy or straight hairstyles. Here you see a stylish wavy hairstyle with face framing braids. They break down the simplicity of the hairdo and make it even more attractive. Such a cool solution is great not only for casual beach days but also for birthday parties. Women can wear baby braids with boho inspired hairstyles and embellish them with special bohemian accessories.wavy hair with braids 2017Thin Pigtail Braids

Designers believe that pigtail braids are the most seductive hairstyles for women who want to look younger. If before they were matched only with long and thick hair, today we see lovely models in medium and short thin pigtail braid hairstyles. These are generally tight and convenient hairdos when you are in a hurry. Besides, they tend to bring out your facial features. You can wear them with hair color enhancing headbands.thin pigtail braids 2017Middle Part Braided Hairstyle

There are two styles of the trendy middle part hairstyle. One is created with the help of two equal braids and the other one is a single braid placed on the central top part of the hair like the following examples. It’s a creative and eye-catching hairdo especially for girls who have grown out bangs and want to keep them out of the face. The final effect is more both comfy and part braid hairstyle 2017Wrapped Up French Braid Updo

Instead of the common and simple French braid hairstyles professional hairdressers offer the wrapped up or the tucked braided updo hairstyle. It is a classic and posh hairdo for business ladies as well as for special events. Such a stunning hairdo keeps hair in a neat and elegant look and displays your facial features.wrapped-up French braidsBallet Inspired Updo with Braid

If you are fond of the elegant ballerina hairstyles, then here is something new for you to try in 2016/2017. It’s a ballet inspired updo hairstyle with a thin and subtle braid on the top part. It looks like a cute headband made of your own hair, that’s why it looks very neat and natural.Ballet Inspired updo with braid 2017

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