Chic High Ponytail Hairstyles for 2017

Ultra Long High PonytailMinimalistic High Pony

The advantage of a simple and effective ponytail is that it allows you to play around with textures, hair accessories and colors. You could give a dip-dye effect to your pony or you could go for ombre hair coloration in order to have two different shades throughout your locks. This modern high pony is not only celebrities’ favorite style but also trendsetters’.Minimalistic High PonytailHigh Ponytail with Elastic

It goes without saying that this effortless hairstyle comes in numerous variations. This option looks no less elegant than the others. It brings out the color combo and the length of the pony. Some sections have been left out of the pony to wrap over the base while another elastic headband was used to secure the mid part of the pony.High Ponytail with ElasticHigh Ponytail with Bouffant

A little bit bouffant will enhance your pony. Bring back 90s vibes by boosting the volume of the ponytail. But don’t overdo it otherwise your pony will look outdated and boring. You can pair this style with formal outfits too. However use some volumizing hair products for a better effect. The volume can also be achieved by slightly teasing.High Ponytail with Bouffant

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