Coolest Boho Hairstyles for 2017

Boho inspired hairstyles are evolving day by day. If you are ready to be shocked by some creative and interesting hairstyles then check out the following bohemian inspired hairstyles for 2017. Boho hairdos involve lots of disheveled braids, buns, twists and etc. These hairdos look cool with pastel highlights and other elements. Draw inspiration from vintage hairstyles and feel free to experiment with the do’s listed below. You can even use your own imagination to create a unique and mind-blowing hairstyle. Keep in your mind that bohemian hairstyles are even better when paired with hair accessories.Coolest Boho Hairstyles for 2017Voluminous Fishtail Updo

Boho hairstyles can be worn in thousands ways- Soft hair with full of volume is what you need to create a boho inspired updo. Well, you can easily recreate this updo. First, apply a salt spray or use a special spray made just for braiding. Then tease your hair and create a fishtail. Get maximum volume and pin the end under. There is nothing complicated about this style you just need to figure it out.voluminous fishtail updoTwo-Toned Bohemian Updo

Here is another boho inspired updo. You need to create a messy low twisted updo and then wear a beautiful accessory. The colors of this updo are just incredible. The gorgeous pastels work really well with this imperfect wearable look. You will have to use a salt spray to keep your twists and braids in place. However, with a hairdo like this you should choose a right outfit.

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