Curly Pixie Haircuts for 2017

A curly pixie haircut is truly magical because you don’t have to do much to create an impressive look. Well, curly haired ladies shouldn’t avoid wearing short cuts since with a right chosen hair color it is not a problem. You can create many looks with the short strands – from decent hairdo to a rebellious casual one. Actually pixies are for those who have excellent face features since this cut tends to show off your face shape. The following examples of curly pixies for 2017 offer you winning ideas that you should definitely give a try.Curly Pixie Haircuts for 2017Curly Pixie Cut

As I have already mentioned, not every woman can pull of a pixie haircut but if you have perfect facial features it can be a magical cut for you. To re-create this incredible style you just need to give your voluminous locks equal length throughout and then neatly design them. The color is just magnificent- the shiny dark tone accessorizes the pixie and adds an extra charm to the look.Curly Pixie CutLayered Pixie

Due to your creativity you can have an elegant style and this look is the best example. This particular design consists of gorgeous brushed out curls and a blunt cut at the back. Apart from a cut you need then to give these short locks a beautiful pink shade and style by layering. The layers are meant to add extra volume. With a haircut like this you will never go wrong.

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