Flattering Long Hairstyles for 2017

Well, flowing long locks will always be desirable. What can be cooler than long strands? Apart from providing a feminine style, long locks make an excellent canvas for various hairdos. Long strands are great when you want to showcase vibrant colors and layers. There are various options to design your long strands to break the monotone touch- straight, sharply angled, curly, wavy and etc. These flattering long hairstyles for 2017 will give you some ideas on how you can style your hair.Flattering Long Hairstyles for 2017Shiny Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Women’s best hairstyles are easy to style and don’t look so complicated. The picture represented below is a good example and it features long side bangs and lovely layers. This look doesn’t require lots of time and effort. All you need to do is to use hair tools to blow dry the front hair and curl it away from the face. Undoubtedly the styling is stunning and the color also. It involves dark roots and blonde strands.  Shiny Blonde Hair with Dark RootsCinnamon Brown Layers

This is another natural looking appearance that is easy to achieve. If you love red hair but you think it is too much for you, then opt for a cinnamon brown shade. This shade is flattering for all women with medium to dark brown hair. Long layers and multidimensional highlights make a great combination to take the style a step forward and reach to perfection.

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