Hair Sewing: New Hairstyle Idea for 2017

Lately we are admired not only by the latest fashion looks and outfits but also makeups and hairstyles worn by famous models. Their designers an stylists usually provide us with creative hair styling ideas for the coming season. This time we have discovered the new hair sewing trend for 2017. Don’t know what it is? Let’s unlock the secret together.hairstyles 2017So, at the latest fashion shows represented by Alexander McQueen we met cool braided, updo and messy hairstyles achieved by the fascinating hair sewing technique. It’s the incredible idea of the talented hairstylist Guido and his team.Alexander McQueen hairstyle 2017 According to Guido they mainly use Redken Windblown in order to give hair guts, and thread and needle. There are no bobby pins, elastics and even no hair spray to fix hair in place. The only tool they use is yards of invisible thread. That’s it!  That is why the final looks is natural, textured and interesting.

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