Hottest High Ponytails for 2017

When it comes to ponytails, you don’t need to think long, since there are numerous designs, available for all ladies out there. The design of pony is up to you, and you can make it either complicated or simple. So, today I have put together the hottest high ponytails for 2017. High ponytails imitate the traditional ones but require longer hair to get it right. You can add some highlights or to go for ombre pattern in order to have a chic pony. Some braids and twist will come in handy while creating you ponytail.Hottest High Ponytails for 2017Faux Mohawk Ponytail

Here is an incredible design that takes the beautiful looks of braided Mohawks to the limits. Well, if you want to replicate it, you will need to braid the top and make the sides as slick as possible. Then pull everything into a knotted ponytail. To give the tail an extra long look, apply hair extensions. The hair sports blonde shade with darker roots. In this design everything is in harmony!Faux Mohawk PonytailHigh Ponytail for Prom

In this design the hair has been textured to provide with amazing waves. This pony is too effortless and you can create it by slicking back the hair and tying into a knot at the crown. The loose tips produce a wavy pony that stretches to the back. Blunt bangs may come in handy when you want to create a face framing design. This simple yet elegant headdress is great for proms or for any other party.high-ponytail-for-promElegant Ponytail

Elegant ponytails are always in trend and you can wear them either for formal or casual occasions. This particular ponytail is the best example of it. The front strands at the crown are textured and given a lovely sweep to the back. The rest of hair has been sliced back (except some face framing fringes) to create a long ponytail. The locks sport a blonde tone that adorns this simple yet sexy ponytail.elegant ponytailExtra Long Ponytail

Latest runway hairstyles feature long ponytails that are just fabulous. To create a pony like this, you will need to texture the hair to give it that slick appearance. So it is slicked back and secured into a knot that creates an adorable pony with lots of length that stretches to the waist. Apart from the styling, the ombre is also great and it involves transitioning from black to brown.Extra Long PonytailPuffy and Curly Ponytail

Want to leave a long lasting impression? Well, this is the best option for you. The hair has been slicked back and given some volume with puffy and curly extensions that form the pony. The glossy dark shade adorns the pony and makes the wearer stand out of the crowd. This is the best look for any occasion.Puffy and Curly Ponytail

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