Instagram Inspired Short Cute Hairstyles

Instagram is a place where you can find your ultimate inspiration for long, short or medium hair. The latest trends appear there first and only after that they gain popularity among women around different corners of the world. A new hairstyle is an excellent way to jazz up your entire look. When it comes to short hair, the options are endless. Even if you are not interested in changing your hairstyle, you can add a lovely headpiece in it and your new look is ready for the day. Here are the best Instagram inspired short hairstyles.
Cute Elastic Headband and Pixie

Weather you are wearing a headband with a patriotic intention or you just want to make a fashion statement, we have nothing against it. Colorful headbands may become an interesting element of your image. It will definitely accessorize your short pixie or bob haircut. You can keep things either super messy or elegant and polished. The choice is up to you.Jeweled Flower Barrette and Lovely Updo

Buns and different updos are affordable for ladies with short hair as well. But there are numerous accessories that you can use to adorn your bun and make it twice cooler. Below you can see an example of a bun that has been enhanced with a beautiful jeweled flower pattern. A simple detail adds a sophisticated and ultra- feminine touch to the style. Just try it!Bob and Smoky Crown Headband

Have you ever thought of matching your hair accessory with your hair color? You can’t get enough of the final result. Here is a smoky floral headband that has been perfectly matched with hair color.

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