Latest Prom Hairstyle Trends for 2017

Prom nights, wedding parties and romantic date evenings are the most awaited days in our lives. That is why we get prepared for these events so carefully and fashionably. We pay special attention to our outfits, accessories and hairstyles. Taking into account the fact that trends tend to change by the time we are offered new and new styles each season, which means that the old outfits, accessories and hairstyles have nothing to do on our look. So, let’s discover the latest prom hairstyle trends for 2017.prom hairstyles 2017Wavy Bob Hairstyle

I love everything connected with the vintage style. It is unique and pretty at the same time. Celebrities wearing finger waves bring back the retro style and show off its real charm on their modern haircuts. January Jones is one of those posh ladies who display the beauty of short bob haircuts with festive Marcel waves. This hairstyle will suit anyone who has straight or slightly wavy bob haircut.January Jone wavy bob hairstyle 2017Side Pulled Curly Hairstyle

Women with long hair do their best to display their luscious and healthy hair during this or that particular prom night. Take an example from Jessica Chastain who rocks red hair with side parted cool curls. It’s another old Hollywood hairstyle that this inspiring red-haired actress has paired with vibrant red lips and statement earrings like a real queen.Jessica Chastain side parted waves prom hair 2017Soft Curly Hairstyle

Another prom hairstyle to pair with long hair is this soft wavy hairdo. It’s a feminine and festive hairstyle from Carrie Underwood special for those who like to combine the simplicity with the luxury. It is an amazing style for lazy girls and easily for those who have long unruly strands. You can easily get the effect on layers with curling tools.Carrie Underwood soft curls hair prom 2017Elegant Bun Hairstyle

In order to draw attention to your classic style and lovely face you need to opt for updo hairstyles. What about this trendy sleek bun hairstyle? It is prettier with teased top part which is called bouffant. The retro touch  and modern mixture is again felt in this hairdo that’s why it looks so feminine. You can get it on medium to long hair.elegant prom updo hairstyle 2017Loose Wavy Updo Hairstyle

A bit looser and softer is the following prom updo by Emma Stone, the secret of her being so youthful and girlish is sometimes hidden behind the hairstyles she rocks. Go ahead with loose waves and gather them into a soft updo hairstyle with bobby pins. Combine it with natural-looking subtle makeups.Latest Prom Hairstyle Trends for 2017

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