Long Hairstyle Ideas for Men 2017

Having long hair is a sign of healthy gens, so why to hide it when you can proudly wear your long strands. Not all men can grow out their hair so it’s excellent chance for you to choose a right hairdo and stand out from the crowd. The best everyday hairstyles that we can easily adopt are the ones that are supported by the natural texture of your hair. I bet like many men you are also looking for low-maintenance hairdos that don’t require much care. So what you can do with your long strands? Tuck them behind your ear? Pull the hair up into a gorgeous ponytail, top knot or bun?  Well, everything is possible but before that check out these long hairstyles for men 2017.Long Hairstyle Ideas for Men 2017Statement Ponytail

Love your long strands but occasionally prefer to keep them out of your face? Well, sweep your hair back and make a loop ponytail. It is easy to create and looks quite creative on men. This is a cool style that can be perfectly matched with your casual outfit. You can even add a little messiness to the style to create a more sophisticated design. This headdress looks great with thick facial hair!statement ponytail for men 2017Double Ponytail

Well, there is nothing easier than creating a style like this. So, you will need to divide your hair into two sections, using your fingers and pull each section into a bun or ponytail. This style is great for any time of the season, since it will help you to keep the hair out of the face. As you see this headdress has been created in a carefree and unkempt style, so it can make an excellent casual design.  

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