Messy Ponytail Hairstyle for 2017

Well, pull your hair up, back or side and tie it together with a simple hair band. Want to get a messy ponytail? Then get ready to tease some portion of your strands. One thing is certain, the ponytail is super easy to achieve. If you combine your pony with gorgeous bangs you will definitely achieve a face framing design. Thus, upgrade your ponytail according to your natural texture and face shapes! Before that, feast your eyes on these messy ponytail hairstyles for 2017 to get better idea!Messy Ponytail Hairstyle for 2017Teased Gray Ponytail

It is just amazing how easily you can create a hot and stunning look. I am talking about this sexy ponytail that doesn’t require much time and care. Want to re-create it? Well, tease all your hair or air dry without comb. Put it high up into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band and take some strands out of the pony to complete the look. Apart from the styling the hair also has a gorgeous gray shade.Teased Gray PonytailLow Loose Pony with Side Bangs

When you have a gorgeous blonde shade like this you should use all possible and impossible ways of styling to show it off. It is a low messy ponytail achieved on the base of a layered haircut. The most eye-catching part about this headdress is the bangs that have a big influence on the look. The strands have different lengths that beautifully frame the face while the pony is slightly teased to boost the volume at the back. Low Loose Pony with Side BangsRomantic Messy Ponytail

Get a messy yet romantic and elegant ponytail for your first date! To have a look like this you just need to twist the side portion and gather everything into a simple yet sexy ponytail at the nape of the neck. Thus you can even leave some simple tendrils at the front to spice up the overall look. It is not necessary to have extra long strands to re-create it since medium-length hair also will work.Romantic Messy PonytailSide Swept Messy Ponytail

There is no need to limit your pony to a straight and narrow design. There are so many ways to wear it. Go for a side pony that requires twisting your strands and gathering it at the side part of the nape. Don’t try to overdo it, since we are not looking for perfection! The messy touch will definitely give your strands some volume and dimension.Side Swept Messy PonytailElegant Messy Ponytail

It is an elegant ponytail for your special occasions. Well, consider wearing your pony high on the top of your head for a bouncy style that has natural body. To achieve it you will need to tease the front of the hair, pull it into a pony sitting high on the top of the head and wrap the base with your own strands. Curl and mass up the tail of the pony. However the highlights also enhance the appearance of the pony.Elegant Messy Ponytail

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