Protective Hairstyles for 2017

2017 protective hairstyles are what their name suggests. These hairstyles are meant to reduce the stress that environment causes on your hair. They help you avoid using some chemical hair products and tools. These hairstyles look great particularly on thick hair type for this reason they are popular among Afro-American women. Some of them require hair extensions and a lot of knitting. Apart of this, these hairstyles are very stylish and they form a great headdress for any woman.protective hairstyles for 2017Big Crochet Braids

These braids are great for any type and size of hair because they require crocheting some extensions to your natural hair. To recreate these adorable braids you need to haves some chocolate brown extensions and finish by adoring with a few metal beads and styling them into a face-framing form.big crocht braidsBlue Mambo Twists

Protective hairstyles are pretty easy to create, however the most of them look the same. You can make it a straightforward like this one by introducing some colorful extensions. This particular design involves some extra cute shoulder-gazing mambo twists that you need to style by sweeping to the side to create a face framing mambo twists for 2017Curly Locks and Knots

This chic hairstyle is pretty easy to create and it is more for ladies with natural curly hair. This design involves side sweeping the long textured and natural-looking curls over the face and then using the ones on the other side form some small and attention grabbing knots for a stylish curly locks and knotsCurly Afro

Some natural-looking curls are not only protective but they also look adorable. To replicate this look you need to introduce short curly extensions to your natural hair and then give them an afro-like design to have that charming hairdo. Even if you can have the curls in various shades, black is the best option and this is because it will have provide with natural-looking appearance.chic afro curls for 2017Blue Crop Cut

The crop cut in this design is what makes it a classic and elegant hairstyle. The cut has the equal length around the head and this gives the style a bowl look. If you want to make it bold, then consider getting an undercut at the back of the head. The magical blue shade has been paired with some purple streaks that are also fantastic but you can have the color combination you want.crop cut hairstyleJumbo Kinky Twists

Natural-looking kinky twists are pretty popular among Afro-American women. These incredible twists are very long so you have to choose your extension well if you want to create this design. The dark tone is also eye-catching and you need to make your strands look neat by styling with a simple side sweep.

jumbo kinky twists

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