Short Messy Hairstyle Trends 2017

Messy pixie and bob hairstyles are super attractive and chic. They are much requested these days and often see them as trendy hairstyles not only on runways but also on streets. The loveliest short messy hairstyles for 2017 represented below will capture you and give easier styling ideas for short locks. So, if you have gone for a super short bob or pixie haircut then keep your eyes on some of these options to try this year.short messy hairstyles 2016 2017Short Side Swept Messy Pixie Cut

Side swept hairstyles generally look softer and subtler then others when it comes to short pixie cuts. You can easily wear it with some messiness and make your hair look more voluminous and interesting. In case you have thin hair you can go for layers and the style them into this lovely side swept effect.side swept messy pixie hair 2017How to Style: Ask your stylist for a soft layered pixie haircut. Take blow drier and hair products such as gel, pomade or spray and start styling. Blow-dry your damp hair brushing it to one side. Keep the side swept effect with spray and other products and use your fingers to get the desired messiness on the top.

Shaggy Bob Hairstyle

Those who have bob haircuts or are just thinking of a chic bob hairstyle should consider the trendy shaggy bob. Be it a short or a bit long bob haircut you can always provide it with extra-volume and attractiveness with the help of shag.

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