Side Braid Hairstyles to Try in 2017

If you were searching for an easy hairdo to switch up your look, these side braid hairstyles for 2017, may be what you are looking for. Braids are the easiest way to give an extra oomph to your style. Braids come in various shades and shapes. If you are good at braiding you will easily achieve these side-braided updos and downdos. Even a simple ponytail looks better with a side braid. The braids are great for your second day hair. Let’s have a look at these sophisticated hairstyles and enhance your normal look.side part hairstyles for 2018Side Part with Side Braid

Boost the volume and overall drama of your hair with a simple side part combined with a side braid. If you know how to create a simple braid, simply switch up the location of your braid and introduce a touch of mystery to your look. this is the greatest option for ladies who want to achieve a dramatic hairstyle, but they don’t have much time to go for a radical change. If you are seeking for a sleek look, apply a layer of gel to your tresses.Side Part with Side BraidSide Swept Textured Fishtail Braid

For a modern take on a side ponytail, try a side braided ponytail. A textured side fishtail is timeless. You can add some more volume to your strands with texturizing spray. Don’t forget to let some face framing tendrils loose to execute even more facile and windswept look. However, you don’t have to create a tight and sleek fishtail braid, keep it messy and unkempt.

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