Side Braid Hairstyles to Try in 2017

Side Swept Textured Fishtail BraidPonytail with a Side Braid

Enhance your simple look with an exquisite side braid that will provide with an unexpected intricate look. You can customize your side braided ponytail to any occasion. However, you still have a chance to choose between high, medium and low ponytail. Indeed, the type of pony will dramatically change your entire look. Here is one of the best examples that is worth trying.Ponytail with a Side BraidBoho Inspired Scattered Side Braid

Here is a “must love” chic braided hairstyle for all boho ladies out there. The trick of achieving this side braid is wrapped in ponytails. You should create several ponytails and wrap them into each other and create an illusion of a thick side braid. This braid works best on ladies with longer hair. As soon as you figure out the technique, you can achieve it within minutes.Boho Inspired Scattered Side BraidTwisted Wrap Side Ponytail

This is one of those styles that seem more complicated than in real they are. Create a simple braided side pony and by taking some hair out of the pony wrap them around the braid. Repeat the process till you will reach to your desired length.  The result is a lovely knotted effect. It is an excellent headdress for summer days, when you want to keep your locks out of your face in a stylish way.Twisted Wrap Side Ponytail

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