Street Style: Latest Hairstyles for 2017

Girls who have natural curly strands pray for stick-straight hair while girls with stick- straight tresses pray for curly hair. Thanks to modern technologies today it is possible to get your desirable hair within minutes. This time we have decided to see what modern females wear on the streets of L.A. and New York City. Just prepare yourself to meet natural looking hairdos, some rebellious cuts, messed up hair etc. According to the latest predictions these hairstyles will lead the list of the best hairdos of 2017 too. So be aware!    Latest Hairstyles for 2017Platinum Bowl Haircut

These platinum strands are pretty sumptuous. Many girls still have that desire to experiment with the most magnificent shade of blonde. All haircuts will have a gorgeous look on this shade. This model gave her strands a bowl-like design that makes her draw attention. However bowl cuts require perfect face features since the focus is totally on the face. Platinum Bowl HaircutSpirals

Afro-American women continue to impress us with their natural texture. Thick hair allows them to go for various experiments. However with this mane you don’t have to worry about styling. So, girls it is the best moment to embrace your curls and show off your natural texture without caring about the volume.spiralsDisconnected Hairstyle

This is a hot thing for all edgy girls out there. If you want to replicate it you will need to go for a bold undercut while keeping the hair on the top long enough to make it possible to cover it. Since the hair on the crown conceals the undercut, you can wear it at workplace too. Apart from the edgy cut, the strands also have an incredible blonde-brown shade that creates a beautiful contrasting look.Disconnected HairstyleMessy Hair with Bangs

This hairstyle has been spotted on the streets of L.A. Well, it seems this model has done nothing with her strands before leaving the house. It entails cutting the front strands into bangs and styling the hair into a messy way. Actually, you can just run your fingers through the hair to get that messy effect. By the way blonde strands also upgrade the overall look.Messy Hair with BangsSimple Bun

What do you think about this bun? Well, first thing that comes into our mind is that it is a pretty effortless hairdo that can be created within minutes. It is a completely casual look that can be created by pulling your hair up and securing it into a simple bun hairstyle. As you see this model has created it on her curly strands.Simple Bun

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