Stunning Hairstyle Ideas for Long Curly Hair 2017

Do you have long tight curls? Don’t know what to do with them? Check out our collection of the most gorgeous hairstyle ideas for long curly hair for 2017. Our team has done a complete research to find out the best hairstyles for long curls, as this is not the simplest hair type to deal with. It always differs from the rest of hair types and textures and grabs much attention than other hairstyles.long curly hairstyles 2017Deep Side Parted Curly Hairstyle

Here you see our lovely Camila Alves with her jet black luscious curls. She likes to keep it long and always goes for updates to maintain its attractive shine. She is one of the stylish famous women who choose the best hairstyles for their hair texture and length. So, the deep side parting is one of the most flattering hairstyles for long curls. It is not only suitable but also quite fashionable for the majority of black women who have long natural hair. The key to this posh look is to have long mane so that you can create the deep side parting. It has a kind of retro touch in it, which makes the hairstyle more glamorous.  Deep Side Parted Hairstyle Camila Alves 2017Long Curly Center Parted Hairstyle

Another inspiring style for long curls is the center parting. Have a look at Rachelle Lefevre’s stunning and shiny mane parted into two equal sections. It’s an awesome and trendy hairstyle idea for 2017. Just bring your curls to a possible slightly frizzy texture and show us its natural beauty. Curls don’t always have to be perfected to look seductive and glorious.Rachelle Lefevre long curls 2017Afro Curly Hairstyle

The messy, big and voluminous afro curly hairstyles have always been the favorite style for the majority of black women but today it captures many hears and tends to become a big trend fro 2017. That’s what Yaya DaCosta opts for to embrace her curls. Her statement-making hairstyle with a special rounded effect is the right thing you need to stand out in the crowd. It’s a gorgeous hairstyle to match with trendy makeups and posh outfits.Yaya DaCosta  long curls hair 2017Half-Updo for Long Curls

Do you like neater and more elegant hairstyles? Perhaps you need to keep the face framing and fly away strands out of the face in order to keep all eyes on your killer features. So, go ahead with long curly half-updo hairstyles like Jennifer Lopez. You can create a half-ponytail on the top part and leave the rest of the hair in a classic and super-flattering style.Jennifer Lopez curly half updo 2017Headband Hairstyle for Long Curls

Among the trendy hair accessories, headbands play a great role. They come up in a variety of styles and offer us new hair styling ideas. Take an example from Katie Cassidy who beautifies her curly mane with subtle and thin headbands. Since straight hair looks too thin and sleek with such headpieces curls go well with this style and look more than eye-catching.Katie Cassidy curls with headband 2017

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