Stylish Spiral Perm Hairstyles for 2017

Spiral perm hairstyles are surely not new but they are trendy like never. With spiral curls there are really lots of looks that you can try and there is a curl for every girl. Permed spirals not only look stunning but they can also save your time since most of styles are about wash and wear. These perm spiral hairstyles for 2017 will definitely give you some ideas about these headdresses. If you are ready, let’s start and choose a right spiral perm hairstyle for you.perm hairstyles for 2017Short Spiral Curls

Even though originally spiral perms have been created for medium-to long hair, there is no reason you can’t pull off a short perm hairstyle like this. It can be air dried after washing and then simply fluffed out before you will leave. The stylist has used the volume to frame her face and it happens to be just amazing. You can pair these spiral curls with casual outfit.Short Spiral CurlsOmbre Spiral Perms

Ombre patterns are trendy, perms too, so why not to combine these two elements to create a unique and stylish headdress? In this style the hair starts out at the roots in a golden brown shade and gradually melts into blonde on the tips. The shoulder length locks have been cropped with a few bangs and permed into glossy S-shaped waves. These spirals bring out the whole beauty of ombre design.

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