Top 10 Ivy League Haircuts for Men 2017

Some men associate Ivy League cut with ultra short strands that don’t allow you to go for various headdresses. This look has been evolved day by day and it is not necessary to chop your strands to short to rock Ivy League cut. Classic Ivy League cuts look better with modern touch. Below you can see top 10 Ivy League haircuts for men 2017.Top 10 Ivy League Haircuts for Men 2017Simple Ivy League

This is a simple yet super trendy Ivy League haircut that will definitely make you draw attention. This design has upper hair that doesn’t grow higher than inch giving the whole look a cool touch. Because of being so short, this Ivy League style works well almost for all hair types form thick to thin, curly and straight.Simple Ivy LeagueCool Ivy League with Full Beard

Undoubtedly the thick beard will make people take a second glance but the cut is also gorgeous. The sides have been tapered short or close to the skin to give the style a clean and neat touch. The side styling works really well with the cut. With a style like this you will definitely be noticeable.Cool Ivy League with Full BeardFaded Cut

Those who have natural wavy texture should definitely consider this particular Ivy League style although straight hair owners also can rock it. Well, natural wavy strands provide with plenty of volume and you don’t even need to use any hair product to achieve a sophisticated look like this.faded cut Rebellious Ivy League Cut

With a medium high fade and long textured strands on the top, this haircut gains tons of individuality. Spikes are defined and add a modern touch to this style.  However you will still need to use some texturizing cream instead of gel. It will definitely provide a desirable effect. By the way it is the best way to channel your inner rebellious side.Rebellious Ivy League CutIvy League Side Part and High Fade

This high fade goes really well with the side part. It makes the Ivy League a classic and modern cut that can be worn everywhere. The shaved part is a cool accent that creates a super hipster style. As you see short hair also can provide a modern and trendy hairstyle.Ivy League Side Part and High FadeShort Cut Styled to the Side

What about this option? The hair has a medium-length on the top. However men, who have thick strands don’t have to do much to achieve volume. Just use some hair products and your look is ready to rock the world.Short Cut Styled to the SideForward Combed Hairdo

When you have a right cut, the styling is becoming super effortless. If you haven’t tried to comb your strands straight forward onto the face, then it is the best moment. This retro inspired hairdo has made its great comeback. It is a flattering style that works almost for all hair types. It is recommended styling your hair when it’s damp; otherwise it will be difficult to achieve your desirable effect.Forward Combed HairdoIvy League with Fade

Middle fade cut looks really great with a beard. The clean lines over the forehead give a neat and clean touch to the style. Apply hair gel to style your strands forward. The texture and the volume of this design are just stunning.Ivy League with FadeClean Cut with Fade

If you want to have a cut like this, show the picture of this model to your hairstylist. Well, it involves a deep side part and tapered or shaved sides and back. The hair on the top is long enough to be combed to the side. The shine has been achieved with the help of hair gel.Clean Cut with FadeModern Quiff Style

Traditional Ivy League cut involves a side part but it can still be styled in various ways. The modern quiff makes the look stand out. It provides a volume and texture.Modern Quiff Style

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