Trendy Hair Bows for 2017

Some ladies don’t know that they can create a beautiful hair accessory right from their own strands. 2017 hair bows are the hottest trends of the season and they are not only for little girls, since many young ladies perfectly rock them. From now on ladies don’t have to opt for the traditional fabric made ribbon bows because bows made from natural hair are considered to be trendier. Hair made bows can be paired with other fancy hairdos such as half updos and top knots. Below you can see some styles that are incredible both for your special occasions and everyday looks.Trendy Hair Bows for 2017Glossy Side Bow

Well, it is an extremely adorable hairdo that you can create by pulling all your strands to the center of the head and tucking them into a tight top bun. However it will have a better look if you leave some strands free and form a beautiful bow on the side of your bun. The design looks complete due to a glossy shade of blonde.Glossy Side BowSleek and Neat Bun

I think many girls will fall in love with this incredible sleek and neat bun. If you are getting ready for special occasion then this is the hairdo that you should adopt. In site of a complicated look, it is pretty easy to create, since you just need to pull and twist your strands into a bow at the center of the head. This bow has a natural chocolate brown shade that gives the strands a healthy look.

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