Trendy Hair Highlights for 2017

Celebrity looks, makeups, hair colors and hairstyles always inspire stylish women who find matching tips and tricks for their style. Form cool to sun-kissed shades, from the most vibrant experiments to the subtlest styles and from chunky to near invisible here are the latest hair highlights for 2017 inspired by our lovely celebrity looks. These famous ladies prove that it’s possible to brighten any hairstyle with trendy highlights 2017Jessica Alba Caramel Highlights

Having sweet and soft chestnut brown hair Jessica Alba beautifully embraces it with caramel and warm brown highlights. One of the biggest hair highlighting ideas for 2017 is the ribbon highlighting style that spirals down the hair with shiny shades. You can easily brighten up your hair color with this technique whether it is light or dark. Since Alba has dark hair, she has chosen matching caramel tints.Jessica Alba Caramel Highlights 2017Adele Blonde-Brown Lowlights

Adele often goes for cool mixtures of different e blonde tones and the result is always delightful. Here we see her in a cool blonde hairstyle with subtle blonde-brown lowlights. They are paced on her thick hair so beautifully that it seems as if she’ll never give up refreshing it with the same style. Thin, tender and well-balanced lowlights are able to make your hair thicker and fuller-looking.  Adele Hair Lowlights 2017Jennifer Lawrence Frosted Highlights

Here is something special for short-haired beauties. It’s the frosted hair highlighting idea inspired by Jennifer Lawrence. Frosted highlights are achieved by bleaching techniques and multi-tone dark and light blonde combinations. This style with dark roots and lighter tips adds a kind of playful touch to short pixie haircuts. You can notice the subtle salt and pepper effect on the top of the hair.Jennifer Lawrence hair highlights 2017Jessica Biel Balayage Highlights

Though balayage highlights are trendy these days too, but they will continue to be on the top listed hair color trends for 2017. Balayage is a hair painting style that keeps the top part dark and from the mid to the tips in a lighter, brighter or warmer shade. Generally stylists place the highlights on the parts where possibly the sun could leave its natural touch. Jessica Biel is one of the most inspiring celebrities who rock balayage highlights on her brunette hair.  Jessica Biel Balayage Highlights 2017Olivia Palermo Slicing Highlights

One of the latest hair highlighting techniques is the popular slicing. It involves tender and hardly-noticeable thin highlights, which add a sophisticated touch to sleek hairstyles. You can choose the most suitable tones of blonde or brown for your hair like Olivia Palermo. She has highlighted her hair with thin caramel hues.    Olivia Palermo Slicing Highlights 2017Brooklyn Decker Chunky Highlights

The opposite style of the slicing highlighting are chunky highlights. They are quite eye-catching and beautiful on thick hair. While thin slicing highlights look better on fine and sleek locks chunky highlights best go with messy, voluminous, wavy and thick hair. Here you see Brooklyn Decker in cute and girlish waves beautified with chunky blonde highlights. The result is very fashionable.Decker Chunky Highlights

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