Modern Shag Hairstyle Ideas

Nowadays few women opt for dull and common hairstyles. The majority seeks for as modern looks as possible. Shaggy hairstyles and haircuts look quite interesting in their structures and look. So, if you look for a bit of inspiration and would like to try something new then keep on reading to discover the best ideas of shag hairstyles for different hair textures and lengths.  shaggy hairstyles 2017Medium Shaggy Hairstyle

Look at this redhead beauty. Her hair is thin but it looks thicker due to the right chosen haircut. It’s a layered shag haircut with bangs. Unlike many straight hairstyles, it looks quite voluminous and attractive. Of course the shade also plays a great role but the hairstyle itself is shaggy and fresh. If you have long or medium hair but it’s too thin then take it to the next level with such a cool haircut. Ask your hairstylist for tons of long and short layers that start from the top part and complete the whole look with soft layered bangs.medium shag hairstyle 2017Short Shag Bob Hairstyle

Like any other shaggy haircut bobs also require layers. Short layers will help you to achieve a shaggy effect for your bob haircut. They will refresh your hairstyle and will give it a modern twist. If you want to bring out the structure of your new bob hairstyle, you should go for straight and sleek hairstyles. It’s always better to add some bangs for a fully shaggy look.

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