2017 Chic Hairstyle Ideas with Center Part

Sumptuous center parted hairstyles seem to have been disappeared for a while. The side parts may look rather more amazing particularly with side swept hairstyles but center parted designs provide with a slim and elegant style. Center parts look adorable on all hair lengths regardless of hair type. It is pretty easy to create a center part, since you just need have a proper comb. If you are seeking for a well-balanced look then check out these 2017 hairstyle ideas with a center part.2017 Chic Hairstyle Ideas with Center PartLong and Wavy Center Part

Slightly tousled wavy locks may create a beautiful combination with a center part. Her beautiful locks flow gently down and give her a relaxed look. Well, the styling is just flawless but it wouldn’t have this look without sun-kissed blonde strands. The color flatters her skin complexion and makes her beautiful eyes pop up.Long and Wavy Center PartWavy Bob with Center Part

Perhaps Beyonce is one of those celebrities who have perfectly rocked the center part. She has proved that this little element may look gorgeous on short bob too. We can say that it adds a bit more character to her chin-length curly bob. Apart from a trendy hairstyle, Beyonce also has a rich caramel shade that compliments her skin complexion.Wavy Bob with Center PartCenter Part Hair with Grown Out Bangs

Gorgeous Keira Knightly always looks dashing but with her dark hair cut with longer bangs the center part looks splendid. The hair has been pulled back and secured into a simple low bun while the long bangs at the front create a beautiful face frame for her pale face. The focus is on the face and the dark shade gives her hair an extra pop.Center Part Hair with Grown Out BangsPulled Back Hair with Center Part

Kate Bosworth looks so gorgeous with her hair pulled back. The center part helps to show off her beautiful face features. This simple haircut is great to keep the focus on your face. However this headdress is so easy to create since you just need to make your hair stick-straight and pull it back. The hair color has both dark and light tones that work pretty well with her light complexion.Pulled Back Hair with Center PartSide Braid with a Center Part

Just because you have a side braid, that doesn’t mean you cannot rock a center part. Follow Kendall Jenner’s example and create a beautiful side braid with a center part. First you need to create the part and then sweep your hair aside and plait your strands. However the brunette tone helps to complete the look and makes Kendall’s look even more adorable.    Side Braid with a Center Part

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