Haircuts That Are Good For Long Hair

How long are you ready to go? Well, you can go as long as you want, but think of throwing in some layers and bangs to complement your face and texture. Sometimes long hair may look plain but these patterns will never let you have boring or outdated hair look. The possibilities of chopping off your locks are really endless. Before you will head to hair salon to get your next crop, check out these haircuts for long hair that we have taken from celebrities.Long with Tight Curls 

For a striking curly hairstyle like this, you need beautifully blended round layers all over your head. Layers don’t make the curls look heavy. Keep the layers on the longer side and start the first layer right from your chin. If you have these  curls naturally, then don’t hesitate to get the following cut. However, hair products and tools may come in handy to provide you this hair design even if you don’t have curls. Long Hairstyle and Bangs

If you want to add some bangs to your long hair, look no further than this 60’s inspired haircut. If you don’t want to wear blunt bangs, ask your hairstylist not to cut too wide. The concept is that the bangs should create a triangle shape with the corners of your eyes. A few light graduated layers in the front will take everything a notch higher. The sample of the style is showcased below. Long Hair and Wispy Ends 

When it comes to textured hair getting a chop can be tricky. We highly recommend avoiding too blunt cuts and try a chop that has wispy ends.

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