Half-Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

When it comes to half-updo hairstyles, we generally meet long and luscious hairdos. This style is actually perfect for long hair and tends to highlight the wearer’s femininity. There are many semi-updo hairstyles both for casual and special occasions. If you feel as if you need more inspiration for your half-updos then keep on reading and unlocks the charming world of one of the most girlish hairdos.half-updo hairstyles 2017Long Curly Half-Updo Hairstyle

I can say that all types of curls and eye-catching and cute. They are more beautiful in semi-updo hairstyles. However if you have straight hair you can still rock a festive curly half-updo hairstyle with the help of curling tools and products. This style is known as a cool wedding hairstyle for brides and it is a popular prom hairdo too. No matter what hair color you have, curly half-updos are beautiful in any shade.long curly half-updo 2017Straight Bouffant Half-Updo Hairstyle

The retro inspired and luxurious bouffant hairstyles are now combined with super straight long locks. If you are fond of old and new mixtures then you’ll like this sophisticated hairdo. It also tends to change your face shape and looks better with side swept, center-parted and straight bangs. You need to use a flat iron, hair teasing comb and hair sprays for such a smooth and shiny result.

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