Lady Gaga Inspired Hairstyles

Being an epic singer, Lady Gaga stands out with her unusual hairstyles. The pop singer always dresses up striking hairstyles and matches them with bizarre costumes. Some looks, showcased by this celebrity are quite bold and somehow impossible to rock in the street. None of her hairdos are repeated. However, if you are looking for an innovative hairstyle that will make you stand out in the crowd, check these striking hairstyles inspired by Lady Gaga.Lady Gaga hairstylesEdgy Blonde Bob

It is one of less extreme styles of Lady Gaga that is worth coping. This headdress is trendy like nothing else. The bob is styled in a concave fashion. When it comes to blonde, it is a high-maintenance shade that requires regular touchups but after getting it you will see that it is totally worth your effort and time. The thing that you need to do to finish this style is to accentuate your eyes and lips.Edgy Blonde BobBrown Voluminous Waves

Whether you are ready to pull off a voluminous hairstyle like this in everyday life? It goes without saying that it is a great option for women that are looking for attention. This unusual hairstyle entails long dry wavy tresses. Apart from it, light brown hair color also enhances the look. It adds a natural touch to the style while softening the waves.Brown Voluminous wavesLong Rapunzel Hair

Rapunzel or Cher hair is trendy like nothing else. Numerous celebrities have already spotted embracing this trend and Lady Gaga is not an exception too.

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