Latest Elegant Long Side Hairstyle Ideas

There is something incredible in long side parted hairstyles. They seem to be the most feminine and seductive styles that capture so many male hearts. Women tend to look more elegant, luxurious and attractive with modern long side hairstyles. Though there were a big hit ion 80’s and 90’s today we see the huge comeback of many festive side hairdos for prom nights and special occasions. Nowadays they are much evolved, chic, sleek and beautified reminding us of the cool mixtures of the old and modern. We hope you’ll try many of these hairstyles in 2017 as big trends.long side hairstyles 2017Side Parted Curly Hairstyle

Luxurious, posh and stunning ladies such as Megan Fox often go for side parted wavy and curly hairstyles to display their long hair. This is a perfect hairstyle for your complete glam look for the coming party. Many choose it as a wedding hairstyle.long side parted curls 2017How to Style: In order to style your hair like this you need to have long straight or slightly wavy hair. Start with clean and sleek hair. Rub hair cream from the top to the tips and comb gently to one side. You can create the side parting with a fine-toothed comb. Then achieve the cute and big waves with a curling tool. If the curls are tight you can run your fingers thorough to make them looser. Finish with light hair spray.

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