Long Hairstyle Ideas for Fall

Fall is close and both genders are getting ready to refresh their wardrobes. Except clothes you need to consider your hairstyle as well. Switch up your hair color, embrace your natural texture, choose the most whimsical hairstyles and do whatever you want, to go crazy like “mother nature”. I don’t know much about your outfit but I am going to offer you some long hairstyles which will provide you with the most pleasant feeling in this fall.      Long Hairstyle Ideas for Fall Beach Waves

Some people associate this hairstyle with the beach because of its name and think that they should wear it only on the beach, but I am here to prove you that it is not necessary to go to the beach in order to get beach waves. It is pretty easy to style these luscious waves. You need to start on damp hair adding a small amount of hair mousse from the top to the bottom. Then twist your strands with the help of fingers.

beach waves for fall

beach waves for fall

Boho Inspired Hairstyles

Bohemian hairstyles are full of girly elements. Dramatic boho braids are so easy to achieve. For recreating this look you need to start with dry hair. It is great if you have natural curly locks if not apply a hair curler. So, take a small hair section, make a simple braid and then pull your hair into a ponytail getting that small braid clipped into it. Make the look messy to feature a boho style.

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