Short and Long Undercut Hairstyles for Women

Who could ever imagine that one day women would wear such edgy haircuts and hairstyles as boyish undercuts? Today this has become a unisex haircut and everyone is free to wear it the way he/she likes. Short and long undercut hairstyles grab much attention and make you stand out in the crowd. They are combined with hair tattoos, two-tone shades and contrasting cuts that make the hairstyle unique and so eye-catching. Special for ladies who enjoy experimenting with the latest trends here is something new to try in 2017.undercut hairstyles for women 2017Undercut Hairstyles with hair Tattoos

Those interesting patterns, shapes, designs and tribal inspired tattoo ideas for hair take your haircut to the next level. They are not only fascinating but can also have special meanings according to the tattoo design you choose. You can go for geometric designs or pure tribal tattoos to make your haircut original. undercuts with hair tattoo for 2017The part that you choose for your tattoos mostly depends on its shape and your preferences. You can consult with a stylist to choose the best place for that particular design. Generally women with long hair prefer to add them at the nape to showcase it whenever they want with updo hairstyles, and to hide with downdos. It’s a cool trick to use if you like to rock a secret hair tattoo. But women with short pixie cuts may like to have hair tattoos on the side parts of their hair.

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