Stunning Wavy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Unlike curls, waves look tenderer and smoother. There are more versatile ideas in wavy hairstyles than in curls. Waves can be glamorous, fabulous and festive. However, you can wear waves on your locks just as casual hairstyles. Ways are many to achieve waves on hair from braiding techniques to the latest curling tools. Check out these wavy hairstyles trends for long hair to use in 2017.long wavy hairstyles 2017Long Layered Beach Waves

Here we have a pretty long layered haircut styled into casual beach waves. This is one of the best hairstyles for the hot summer when everyone seeks for the beach season. If you want to look like a real top model on the beach then go ahead with this lovely hairstyle.long layered beach waves hairstyle 2017How to Style: You can get beach waves on your long hair with the help of big or skinny braids. Some also opt for styling products to get the desired result quicker. Try out this exotic style to keep your hair shiny and attractive under the rays of the sun.

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