Best Mid-Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Women with thick hair sometimes complain of headaches and the heaviness of their locks. In order to feel better and more confident they go for regular touch ups and update their haircuts and hairstyles. It’s a bit difficult to deal with long and thick strands especially when your hair is frizzy, unruly and voluminous. That’s why there are cozy mid-length hairstyles for thick hair to use whenever you need some change and a feeling of lightness. These medium haircuts and hairstyles will liven up your locks, help you to get rid of damaged tips and to add a healthy look to your hair.medium haircuts 2017Medium Layered Haircut in Balayage

Haircut and hair color combination has become quite popular these days and since balayage is a big hair color trend you can match it with fresh medium layered haircuts. A soft, subtle yet textured waves that add so much girlish touch to your hair will surely bring out the thickness and beauty of your locks, while the mixed shades of balayage will create a harmonious and ethereal effect. When styling make sure to use blow drier to add volume at the roots and the continue with waves.medium layered hair in balayage 2017Side Shaved Mid-Length Hairstyle

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