Medium Haircuts for Wavy and Curly Hair

When you have curly or wavy hair you always seek for cozier and fresher haircuts which will help you to get rid of damaged and dry tips and will provide with a lighter effect. The mid-length, in this case, is the perfect choice for you. check out the best wavy and curly medium hairstyles to get new ideas for your thick, heavy and unruly mane. We are always here for you to inspire you with new trends.medium curly wavy hairstyles 2017Medium Curly Haircut with Bangs

We seldom meet curly-haired women with bang hairstyles but taking into account the tendency of wearing bangs and the fact that they are back we offer you to combine your cure mid-length curls with subtle bangs. They will make you look younger and more appealing. Besides, you will refresh your front and top part locks.medium curly bob 2017Medium Wavy Layered Hairstyle

In case you have thin waves and want to spice them up with a modern touch, you can consider a mid-length layered haircut. It’s a good way to add volume and depth to fine locks. Thin waves look soft and subtle but sometimes they need additional texture to look prettier. Layers provide the desired fullness. You can add some trendy highlights on your layers to make them more eye-catching.medium wavy layered hair 2017Medium Natural Curls Hairstyle

I love the way my curly-haired friend updates her natural curls. She often chooses mid-length haircuts and feels herself more confident in that style. It frames her face daintily and makes her curls breathe freely. Actually natural curls need more regular touch ups than straight and wavy hair. Since they are thick and heavy, the wearer feels uncomfortable. If it’s all about you then consider this cute haircut in 2017.medium natural curls 2017Messy Medium Waves Hairstyle

Bobs are the biggest trends for 2017. They look better in mid-lengths when it comes to curls and waves. If you have such type of hair you can go ahead with a messy layered bob haircut and beautify it with an ombre hair color. This hairstyle has a festive touch in it due to the harmonious and fancy combination of hues. It’s a separate style itself and look pretty even without additional styling tips and tricks.messy medium waves 2017Medium Curly Asymmetrical Haircut

What about an uneven haircut? Do you like this chic style? It’s definitely one of the most original options for unique curls. While straight-haired women go for the same uneven cuts, curly hair allows you to play with various looks and styles. It can even be a mid-length undercut to look more fashionable and eye-catching.  medium curly asymmetrical haircut 2017

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