New Medium Hairstyles for Women over 50

Medium length hair and beach waves require just appropriate hair tools and products. Make sure to look for easily managed layers that look perfect even without tons of products and tools. Take cue from the style shown below. Grey Hair with A Pop of Color 

Use your natural grey hair for your own benefit. The headdress is spiced up with natural-looking curls that enhance this crop. You also need to ask your hair colorist for some bold highlights. Since grey is already light shade you don’t need to go for bleaching. This amazing medium length hairstyle is great for confident women who are proud of their grey hair. Red Layered Hairstyle

It is a wonderful hairstyle for women with fine hair, since it adds lots of texture. The trick to this amazing hairstyle is to make sure that your hairstylist knows what exactly you want. You can get your desired volume with the help of well-placed layers. However, side swept bangs also enhance it. Finish the look with bold violet highlights. Medium Length Hairstyle 

Here is another fabulous hairstyle for mature women. It features side swept locks spiced up with layers and long bangs. Like the previous one, this haircut is also a great idea for women with fine hair since it adds volume without being obvious. This timeless beauty will always keep you in the center of attention. 

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