New Shoulder-Lenght Haircuts

For the last couple of season mid-length haircuts have become the most frequently asked styles in salons. The most attractive fact about this length is that it gives us limitless hair styling ideas, keeps hair healthy and shiny as well as is never too long nor to short which means that you have the desired feminine touch in your style. There are many old-fashioned medium haircuts, that’s why we would like to share with you the latest medium haircuts to sue in 2016/2017.  medium haircuts for 2016 2017Medium Face Framing Blunt Haircut

Medium length-haircuts are the best face framing styles for any face shape. Each of us can wear a stylish face framing long bob or just a simple shoulder-length haircut to look younger and cuter. Blunt haircuts go well with round face shapes and characterized cheekbones. You can style it with center parting to create a well-balanced frame for your face.Medium Face Framing Blunt Haircut 2017Wavy Medium-Length Haircut

Famous hairstylist Andy Lecomte is the talented professional who made the wavy medium style so trendy. He recommended to go for this style if you like layers and graduated cuts. The waves add an exquisite touch and highlight your femininity. If you have naturally, wavy hair you’ll look amazing in such a lovely length of hair. Besides, waves allow you to add more volume to your locks.

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