Victoria’s Secret Models: Best Natural Curly Hairstyles

Many of you associate VS model’s hair with straight or wavy styles? Well, that’s just a notion. VS shows are all about fantasy and our fantasy would be seeing all forms of beauty. This year VS stylists have embraced natural curls and gave away models with incredible afro manes. It is a proof that all types of textures are highly appreciated. So, today we have decided to represent you best natural curly hairstyles by VS models. Go on reading and find your inspiration among these beauties.Victoria’s Secret Models Best Natural Curly HairstylesCurly Hair

If you have great curly hair, never think of blowing them out. Enhance them with a right haircut and bring out the better version of the curls. Just have a look at Victoria’s secret model with a head full of curls. It is impossible to go wrong with a sophisticated hairstyle like this. If you have natural curls, don’t hurry to make them straighter. Those with natural straight hair, should use hair curling products.Medium Curly HairCurls with Height

It is a typical afro that can be seen on black women quite often. Well, deep condition your strands to bring your curls out of hiding. Next step is to stretch the curls at the roots using blow-dryer. You may even use some hair products to keep the curls in shape. It is the best natural afro that is worth rocking both casually and formally. Never shy to show off your thick curls.Curls with HeightVintage Inspired Curls

Many curly-haired ladies admit that they prefer wearing straight hair, rather than curls. But not everyone is blessed with natural curls, so if you have them just feel free to embrace.

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