Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2016/2017

Sometimes men’s haircuts can be technically much evolved and challenging than women’s hairstyles and haircuts. It generally depends on the shortness of the cuts and the edgy styles. However today we see such hair trends for men that are far from being too short or neat. Here you can unlock men’s best hairstyle trends for 2016/2017 to switch up your look. While women are busy with stealing men’s short cuts calling them pixies, men just keep up with the fashion and enhance their masculinity with the help of modern solutions.mens hairstyles 2017Men’s Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut is the biggest style for men who like contrasting haircuts. Generally, the top part of these hairstyles is longer than the sides. Side parts can even be shaved. The majority of posh men prefer medium undercuts but there are rockabilly fans that go for longer undercut haircuts keeping hair quite long on the top and too short on sides. Those with curly hair have more chances to stand out from the crowd. You can style undercuts into spiky, brush up and other high-volume trendy undercut hairstyle 2017Fade Haircut for Men

The next style is a gradual change of cuts from shorter to the shortest. That’s why it is called fade. You ca find different fade haircuts according to your face shape and hair type but it’s always preferable to go for the style that compliments your facial features. Fade haircuts are perfect for those who look for clean, neat and short haircuts. With the help of a cool and fresh fade haircut, you’ll look even more masculine and seductive.

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